The BNI Foundation has been serving children and education since 1998.

The BNI Foundation is helping to change lives by improving circumstances for children facing financial instability that negatively affect their educational opportunities. We support initiatives that provide resources to educators and organizations that make success easier for kids, either by removing barriers or by providing incentives for focusing on studies. For us, the mechanism to help with this shift is investing our time, treasure, and talent to assist in education where we can. We do this through our Business Voices™ Initiative and our Givers Gain® Grant Program.

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Over the last two years, our Business Voices™ Teams conducted events and drives, such as Career Day, Speed Mentoring, building and donating bikes, supply and clothing/shoe drives, Holiday Meals, and Holiday Presents and brought over $10,000 worth of goods and materials and provided over 2,000 hours of time to local schools and organizations. Lend your Voice in the community.

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Are you a teacher, a school or an organization who has experienced funding cuts in education? Over the last four years, the BNI Foundation has helped thousands of children. Some of the projects we funded include – Educational Programs – Literacy, STEM, Robotics Reading Enhancements, Therapeutic Academic Activities; Leadership Programs; and Educational Supplies – Microscopes for Science, iPads for classrooms, Printers for classrooms, and Library books. We can help you.

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All non-profits rely on volunteers to assist with operations in order to carry out their mission and vision. The BNI Foundation is no different. We need your help. Consider giving of your time and talent to the BNI Foundation.

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