Recognition is very important in the BNI Foundation. There is no way the BNI Foundation could ever dream to have the impact we have had in the world without our generous and wonderful donors. Please take a moment to scroll through our Donor Wall to see who the individuals, chapters and regions are who are giving so freely to our mission of mobilizing resources to give kids around the world quality education. Next, we would love for you to consider what you can do to join this exclusive and powerful group of givers.

Legacy Donors

Dawn Lyons and Mike Macedonio
Jenny and Jeff Stay
Margie and Emory Cowan
Todd Hallinger

Monthly Donors – 2017

Andrea and Mark Stough
David Kauffman
James Williamson
Raymond and Erica Freer
Becky and Bob Travis
Dawn Lyons and Michael Macedonio
Jeff and Jenny Stay
Robin and Matt Schuckman
Beth and Tim Paulin
Dr. Cheryl Clark
Kenneth Keegler
Sandra and Norm Dominquez
BNI NJ/PA, Mark Carmody
Eugenio Elyseu
Leslie and Doug Taylor
Stay Involved, dba BNI Miami-Dade
Brennan and Kathie Scanlon
Faye and Leo Martel, Jr
Linda and Shawn McCarthy
Thomas Fleming
Chrisie and Bill Ballard
Graham and Sarah Weihmiller
Margie and Emory Cowan
Todd Hallinger
Christi Geib
Greg and Kerry Haupert
Mary and Jeremy Walsh
Tonya and Dave Acha
Cindy and Rich Barbara
Gregory Morrison
Meena and Mac Srinivasan
Crystal and Frank De Raffele
James Knott
Mrs. Stay’s 4th Grade Class
Shelli Howlett
Susan Goodsell
Michael Walchonski

All Donors – 2016-17

Accounting & Tax Edge, LLC.
Diane Stroup-Heuman
Kathleen Marshall
Ms. Eva Corbindiv
Accounting Consultant
Dorothy Ho
Kavita Naik
Nancy Giacomuzzi
Allen Russell
Douglas Barra
Kay Kennedy Niziol
New York County, LLC
Alluring Concept
Dr. Cheryl Clark
Kay Nitziol
Pat Stride
Amy M Stillwagon
Drew Kern
Keeley Landes
Patricia A. Salvucci
Andrea and Mark Stough
Ed Wilson
Kenneth Keegler
Penny and Dan Georgevich
Andy and Sandra Hart
Eleanor Rine
Kerrie Davis
Peter Bissonette
Annette Colombo
Elina Magaly Santana
Kerry Haupert
Peter M. George
Annette L Colombo
Elyse Wilson
Kevin Barber
Phillip Thomas
Aqil and Sasha Radjab
Erica and Ray Freer
Kevin Saltzer
Rapid Referrals Plus
Arthur Benilous
Erin Wolff
Kevin Yang
Rich Stroiney
Barbara Garfiet
Ernestine Lammers
Kimberly Garcia
Rob Young
Becky and Bob Travis
Ever Green Networking Inc.
Kris and Vince Vigneri
Robert Crane
Beth and Ivan Misner
Faye and Leo Martel, Jr.
Kristen and Henry Engelen
Robert Gorecki
Beth and Timothy Paulin
Fleet Services Co., Inc.
Kurt Sotyo
Robert Spinosa
Billie O’Brien
Fred Vogt
Laura Newman
Robert Vance
BNI Bay Area
Gail Beltran
Lauren Curry
Robin and Matt Schuckmann
BNI Elite Networkers of Grand Blanc
Gillian Lawson
Rogue Valley Homeopathy
BNI Fiesta Lunch Brunch Chapter
Glenn Anthoney
Leslie and Doug Taylor
Roman Nowygrod
Glenn Scharf
Lili Lipp
Roy Musitelli
Gregory Morrison
Lillian and Eugenio Elyseu
Sam Schwartz
BNI Mass
Ivan and Beth Misner
Linda and Shawn McCarthy
San Fernando Valley BNI
BNI Miami Dade
Jacqueline Frank
Linda Clarkson
Sandra and Ryan Harper
Jacqueline Radomski
Lisa Totz
Sandy and Norm Domiguez
James Knott
Lois Malone
Sarah and Graham Weihmiller
BNI SW Florida
James Muterspaugh
Lonnie E. Johnson
Sean Fernandes
BNI Torino Consulting
James O. Pullum
Manhattan BNI
Shein, Cohen, Palmer, & Co.
BNI-Opportunity S R L
James Plau
Marc Williams Attie
Shelli Howlett
Bonita Esquibel
James Williamson
Marcos & Mara Martins
Sherri Baker
Brenda M. Curry
Jay Sencer
Margaret Elaine Herrera
Sidonia Faustino
Brenna A. Hemphill
Jay Zemansky
Margie and Emory Cowan
Stephanie Blumenthal
Brian Bentzen
Jean Willard
Maria Lopiccolo
Steve Mix
Brook Terhune
Jeff and Jennifer Stay
Marie Byrne
Steve Wiegert
Burt Eisenburg
Jeremy L. Brady
Mario Zambrano
Susan Brannum
Caryln Montes
Jim Dalmares
Mariska A Rowell
Swati Puri
Cathy Barbieri
Jim Hatchell
Mark Bush
Tapping Diva, Inc.
Charles Tolbert
Jim Knott
Mark Carmody
Terry Hamill
Chrisie and Bill Ballard
Jim Littlefield-Dalmares
Mark Cooper
Thomas Fleming
Christi Geib
Jim Lytton
Mark Taylor
Thomas S. McCallie
Cindy and Rich Barbara
Jody Cross
Marla Koupal
Thomas Torode
Clara Overes
John Williamson
Martinelli and Associates, Inc.
Todd Cymbol
Clay Morgan
Jonathan Byrd
Mary and Jeremy Walsh
Todd Hallinger
Crystal and Frank De Rafelle
Josie Kidd
Meaghan Chitwood
Tony Dziadul
Cynthia Francis
Judi Cooper
Meena and Mac Srinivasan
Tonya and Dave Acha
Dan Kiel
Junior Achievement of Delaware – Ikea
Melissa Rubin
Tracey Delong
Dana Gallagher
Kaleen Marshall
Michael Levin
Valerie A. Downs
David Abstetar
Kara Dumlao
Michael Walchonski
Velocity Ventures Trust
David Elliott
Karen Gallaghar
Michele Richmag
Will Gaethle
David Kauffman
Kate L. Mulder
Mollie Means
William Marquardt and Kerry Myers
Dawn Lyons and Michael Macedonio
Kathi Jo DeYoung
Morgan Built Construction
Yuma Foothills BNI
Dawne Gulla
Kathie and Brennan Scanlon
Mrs. Stay’s 4th Grade Class
Possi Global
Black’s Business and Legal Services
Link Walcher
BNI Coral Gables Chapter – Miami-Dade Region


Ensure that all children obtain a quality education now and in the future.