The BNI Foundation Celebrates Our Donors

Recognition is very important in the BNI Foundation. There is no way the BNI Foundation could ever dream to have the impact we have had in the world without our generous and wonderful donors. Please take a moment to scroll through our Donor Wall to see who the individuals, chapters and regions are who are giving so freely to our mission of mobilizing resources to give kids around the world quality education. Next, we would love for you to consider what you can do to join this exclusive and powerful group of givers.


$2000 or more annually

Cys Bronner and Dave Rittenhouse
In Memory of Regina and Stanley Bronner
BNI Miami-Dade, FL
BNI Torino Nord Est

Jacqueline Frank
Todd Hallinger
Dawn Lyons and Michael Macedonio
Marcos Martins

Beth and Ivan Misner
Pat Stride
Sarah and Graham Weihmiller


$1000 to $1,999 annually

BNI New Hampshire
Marcus Richter
Drs. Margie and Emory Cowan

Kevin Yang
Paolo Mariola
Brennan Scanlon

Claire Eliza Sherman
Andrea and Mark Stough

Legacy Circle

Drs. Margie and Emory Cowan

Dawn Lyons and Mike Macedonio

Monthly Donors

Super Heroes $100 per month

Mark Carmody
Penny and Dan Georgevich
Dawne Brooks Gulla
Frank DeRaffele
Sandy and Norm Dominguez

Greg Morrison
Kate Mulder
Leslie Taylor
Meena and Mac Srinivasan
Andrea and Mark Stough

Beth and Michael Levin
Dawn Lyons and Mike Macedonio
Patti Salvucci
Laura and Clay Morgan
Beth and Tim Paulin

Heroes $50 per month

Becky and Bob Travis
Brennan Scanlon
Chrisie and Bill Ballard
Christi Geib
David Kauffman

Sue and Glenn Anthoney
Ken Keegler
Kerry Haupert
Linda and Shawn McCarthy
Lois Malone
BNI Manhattan

Robin Schuckman
Kris and Vince Vigneri
Stephanie and Will Gaethle

Sidekicks $25 per month

Elina Magaly Santana

Judi Cooper

Lili Lipp