We are making plans to hold the Second Annual Chocolates and Cha-Cha party for the BNI Foundation on February 8, 2014 to close out International Networking Week. This year there were two locations holding the Chocolates and Cha-Cha party, headquarters and Central Texas. Next year we hope that we can make this fun party a worldwide event!

The Chocolates and Cha-Cha party is a dessert social geared toward increasing the visibility of the BNI Foundation in each of the BNI regions around the world. We are looking for co-hosts who are willing to organize the gatherings in your areas. These gatherings are not meant to be large, complicated events, but rather home parties for your BNI chapters or regions.

Becky Isbell, Central Texas Director Consultant, and Tim Giacoman, Rochester, NY, Executive Director, are the co-chairs for the Worldwide Party. They will be sharing their ideas for the socials here on the BNI Foundation blog site, at BNI Connect’s BNI Foundation Group and also on the BNI Foundation Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “BNI Foundation to Host Worldwide Party in 2014

    1. Hi, Connie! It will be at our home in Claremont on February 8, 2014. I have invited you through the Facebook Event. We will start inviting through that event page in November. You are an Early Bird!

  1. Good day, I would love to host a chocolate and cha-cha party in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We have 5 BNI chapters in our city and I could get them all involved.

    Please forward more details 🙂

    Kind Regards

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