One thought on “Building Blocks – BNI collaboration

  1. Hello Sirs
    One millionn thanks to-
    Doctor and Founders Ivan and Elizabeth Misner for a great and tremendous work and support you are giving to Children Education and Moral development
    Indeed you are building their Future and we are ready to work with you so as to get the goal and the objective fullfilled

    Thanks for helping us very soon and I hope you will add us to your List very soon for support in these following areas—

    -to provide classroom chairs and tables
    -to provide the childrens books and study materials
    -and to equipe our school Library . Laboratory and computer room


    William O. Egunjobi
    The School Teacher
    Day Spring American School
    Calle 1ra Los Educadores # 89
    San Isidro Las America
    Santo Domingo
    Dominican Republic

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