by Brian Watkins


The collective skills of the folks behind Business Voices continue to impact local schools. This time, members are helping a high school in the North Carolina Triad to become more efficient.

BNI Infinity recently adopted Carver High School, located in Winston Salem, NC. Principal Travis Taylor was very on board with narrowing down the school’s biggest challenges, visiting the BNI chapter to share and gather some ideas. The openness to ideas is where the best solutions come from, and it’s great to see the schools getting excited.

Principal Taylor’s top 5 included:

  • Absenteeism
  • Tardiness
  • Student morale
  • Teacher morale
  • Academic performance

BNI Infinity members got together to discuss solutions, ultimately deciding that it sounded like leadership training in middle management would be the most efficient direction. Inspiration is strongest when it comes from the top, and clearer direction seemed like a strong way to enact change.

Coach Antonio McCoy, BNI Director Consultant and BNI Infinity’s Vice President, offered to provide $5000 in scholarships to each of the school’s assistant principals. The scholarships for the McHoward High Performance Leadership Academy will help assistant principals gain valuable insight into how to communicate effectively and engage and mobilize faculty.

Career Day at Guilford Middle School

On November 24, BNI Success Express will host a career day for Guilford Middle School. BNI members from across the Triad will participate in breakout sessions with students.

Basically, students will complete job applications for mock interviews with the BNI members and attend breakout sessions. There they can ask questions, learn about the types of things they’ll be asked about for that type of job, and can learn more about that member’s perspective on their career.

A professional photographer will be on the scene, so we’ll have upcoming photos of the students’ preparing for future careers.

Other Triad Updates

BNI Piedmont Producers are currently working to raise funds to send two students on a field trip to Washington, DC. Contact us if you’re interested in helping out!

The Platinum Producers in Mt. Airy are working with 4 schools in Surry County to improve parental involvement. More on that coming!

And lastly, an update for Peck Elementary — which was an early success story for Business Voices. BNI Gate City just acquired playground equipment for the school, which chapter members will be installing for them. Photos on that coming!

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