What is Future Leaders Week?

Business Voices Future Leaders (BVFL) Week is a simple way for BNI professionals to offer young people career orientation advice within their local community. During the week of October 15 – 21, 2023, we are inviting Chapters to hold their Weekly Meeting in a local school, showcasing the way BNI teams work together. After the Meeting, Members will remain in the school to talk and answer questions about their chosen professions.

Our goal is to provide career orientation advice to students ages 15- 18 years old as they prepare for their future careers.

Learn about our success from BVFL 2022 below!

About Business Voices

Business Voices projects focus on how BNI Members, Directors, and Chapters can use their time, talent, knowledge, and experience to help children in the communities in which they live and work. Through Business Voices, children can learn business and networking skills vital to their success as adults. Business Voices Teams can be initiated by any BNI member in any chapter around the world.

Register your Chapter to Participate

Register your Chapter to participate in Business Voices Future Leaders Week 2023 using the registration box below! Once your team is registered, a representative of the BNI Foundation will reach out with all of the necessary documents and program instructions to have an fun and easy BVFL Week.