The Road to Becoming a Non-Profit

  • 2018
    BNI Foundation officially obtained Public Charity status.
  • 2017
    Articles of Incorporation for BNI Foundation Worldwide, Inc are approved by the state of North Carolina in April 2017. The BNI Foundation Worldwide, Inc. will seek public foundation status this year.
  • 2016
    In May 2016, the BNI Foundation received approval of its non-profit, private foundation status in the state of North Carolina (effective January 2016).
  • 2015
    The first BNI Foundation Executive Director was hired in November 2015 to run the BNI Foundation.
  • 2012
    Two funds are created: The Misner Family Foundation Fund contains funds from Beth and Ivan Misner’s private family fund, while the BNI Foundation contains funds donated by BNI members.
  • 1998
    Beth and Ivan Misner started the BNI-Misner Foundation, bringing the concept of Givers Gain® into the community. Over the years, millions of dollars in grants are given both nationally and internationally to charities.

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