Business Voices™ Toolkit

Welcome to the Business Voices™ movement. We are a global group of business owners and professionals who believe we can make a real difference in kids’ lives by helping with their educational needs.

You have heard about Business Voices™, learned just enough about our movement to know that you want to know more, and now you are asking, “What’s next? How do I help?

We are glad you asked!

We created this Business Voices™ Toolkit to help you along the way. Within the pages of our toolkit, you will find real stories of real business people JUST LIKE YOU who have joined our efforts and are seeing kids changing the trajectory of their lives day by day. Who knows? Maybe someday it will be your story that we are sharing with others as this movement continues to grow and bring more people together.

BNI Foundation Presentations


BNI Foundation Presentation

Help your audience understand what the BNI Foundation is with this presentation outlining myths and facts.

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Leadership Training

Use this presentation to train your leadership teams on introducing the BNI Foundation and information on forming a Business Voices team in your region or chapter.

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School or Organization Training

This presentation is aimed at schools or organizations to help them understand what the BNI Foundation is and how our programs can help them.

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Business Voices Activity Form

Send in your stories, pictures, and videos so we can share your successes and impact.

Ensure that all children obtain a quality education now and in the future.