Peck Elementary's NBA Never Been Absent program

Peck Elementary’s “NBA” Program

We’re always looking for ways to make success easier for kids, either by removing barriers or providing incentives for focusing on studies.¬†Peck Elementary of Greensboro, NC has worked extensively alongside Business Voices members to great benefit. Most recently, this came in the form of a new program to reward good attendance.

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The Chip Program – Improving Teamwork

There’s a new program in which local Business Voices members are spreading the word. It’s called the Chip Program, and it takes some simple principles that have worked in the past to help inspire better behavior patterns for kids.

The idea is this: kids receive special poker chips as a reward for good behavior patterns. Any student in a given class can win, and the student with the most chips at the end of each week wins a prize. Students vote on what the prize is from the beginning, so it’s something everyone is excited about.

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Carver High School Leadership and Other News

by Brian Watkins


The collective skills of the folks behind Business Voices continue to impact local schools. This time, members are helping a high school in the North Carolina Triad to become more efficient.

BNI Infinity recently adopted Carver High School, located in Winston Salem, NC. Principal Travis Taylor was very on board with narrowing down the school’s biggest challenges, visiting the BNI chapter to share and gather some ideas. The openness to ideas is where the best solutions come from, and it’s great to see the schools getting excited.

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