Love Team

The Love Team will have regular contact with our donors, especially the monthly donors, via e-mail, letter or phone, helping them feel plugged in, vital and cherished. This contact will help to share the impact of our programs with donors, increasing the mindfulness of their donation. This contact will include recognition of their birthdays/anniversaries, holiday good wishes, and touch points at other key times of the year. It will also let our donors know in advance about key campaigns that are about to launch, giving them the inside track on programs and initiatives. Donor Care Specialists should be available to do one-to-ones and group dance cards at conferences with donors who might have questions or want to have more information about programs. In addition, Donor Care Specialists should gently share with donors additional giving opportunities as they arise and encourage them to advance to the next level of giving as they are able.

Special Events and Fundraising Team

The Special events and Fundraising Team works with the BNI Foundation staff by helping to develop and implement the annual development plan and calendar of events. This team is very pivotal and important to the long-term financial strength of the BNI Foundation, as fundraising is a major revenue stream. Those who join this team will be hands-on. Team members must be willing to work on different components of events and/or fundraisers, including the planning and execution, marketing, volunteer coordination, logistics, budgeting, to name a few. Good organizational skills and relationships with those who support the BNI Foundation or are interested in learning about the BNI foundation story is helpful. Those who like to have fun and enjoy working on special events will love this team!

Megaphone Team

The Megaphone Team is the Voice of the BNI Foundation by providing both marketing and communications support to the BNI Foundation. The Team assists with the development and implementation of the annual marketing and communication plan. Members may work with BNI Foundation staff to develop and/or review marketing and PR materials to ensure it reaches the appropriate audience, goes through the correct channels, and has the adequate messaging and branding. Megaphone Team member may work with BNI Foundation on special projects related to marketing and communications, such as the BNI Foundation website content updates, marketing pieces, social media assistance, writing blogs, etc. A marketing or PR background is a plus.